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I Love Me Better album cover

I Love Me Better

We're really excited to be bringing you our latest charity single, 'I Love Me Better'! A mash-up of 'Flowers' (Miley Cyrus), 'Stronger' (Kelly Clarkson) and 'Confident' (Demi Lovato), we hope it will join the hall of fame of Belles empowerment anthems. If you enjoy having a boogie along to the single, please consider donating to Inspiring Girls International, the charity we've chosen to support this year.


Inspiring Girls International is a global charity dedicated to raising the aspirations of girls by connecting them with female role models. They introduce girls to a range of careers and opportunities in life, with the goal of overcoming gender stereotypes and empowering the next generation of women to be anything they want to be. Your donations will go towards supporting Inspiring Girls' work in the UK, connecting young girls with female role models from all walks of life.

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