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 We hold auditions every October to find new members - our Baby Belles! Every Belle brings their own unique voice to the group, giving us a distinctive sound each year. But we're always the sassiest a cappella group in Oxford... 


Below is a list of Belles who have made the group what it is today. If you were a Belle, or know anyone who was, who isn't featured below, do get in touch! We'd love to hear from you. 
















Megan Harley-Martin (President), Courtenay Crow (President), Phoebe Smith (MD), Antonia Johnson (MD), Livvy Griffiths, Judy Li, Anson Chan*, Evie Gilder, Grace Rollingson, Clare De'Ath, Jina Kim, Erin Campbell, Thaejus Ilango


Emilia Hitching (President), Meg Beech (President), Rebecca Nomafo (MD), Ellie Whiteside, Tajrian Rahman, Poppy Smith, Courtenay Crow, Sahar Rajabali, Megan Harley-Martin, Beth Ranasinghe, Antonia Johnson, Amy Van Wingerden, Amy Gadhia, Harrie Rose Nokes, Phoebe Smith



Rebecca Nomafo (President/MD), Grace Rollingson (President), Tajrian Rahman (President), Ellie Whiteside, Fran Sisson, Bethan Savage, Sabrina Brewer, Emilia Hitching, Amy Van Wingerden, Meg Beech, Poppy Smith, Makiko Miyazaki



Ellie Whiteside (President), Fran Sisson (President), Miranda Bardsley (MD), Katie Medd, MacKenzie Allen, Ludovica Pellerico, Grace Rollingson, Rebecca Nomafo, Una Yates, Sabrina Brewer, Tajrian Rahman, Caylie Whiteside



Bethan Savage (President), Katie Medd (President), Miranda Bardsley (MD), Ellie Thomas, Ruby James, Anna Wilson, Fran Sisson, Sabrina Brewer, Ellie Whiteside, Ludovica Pellicoro, Michelle John, Leela Mennillo*



Ellie Thomas (President), Caitlin Kelly (MD), Kate House (Marketing Officer), Samantha Imafidon (Web Officer), Sophie Tang (Treasurer), Emily Albery, Ruby James, Leenah Abuelgasim, Carrie Rebecca, Harrie Aldrich, Katie Medd, Miranda Bardsley, Bethan Savage and Anna Wilson



Jess Bollands (President), Teresa Rendell (MD), Alex Worrell (Social Media Officer), Samantha Imafidon (Web Officer), Sophie Tang (Treasurer), Aly Gilbert (Social Officer), Ellie Thomas, Kate House, Emily Albery, Caitlin Kelly, Caroline Hsu, Alexandra Lindsay-Black and Amelia Gabriel



Emily Albery (Musical Director & President), Lea Kambskarð-Bennett Sayago, Jess Bollands (Social Media & Marketing Officer), Harriet Bourhill (Fringe Officer), Sophie Tang (Treasurer + Web Designer), Aly Gilbert, Alex Worrell, Teresa Rendell, Lydia Jones, Amelia Gabriel, Julia Kim*



Iona Blakenley (President), Ellie Doward (President), Bella Ross-Michaelides (Musical Director), Jo Lau, Georgia Clarke, Claudia Freemantle, Emily Albery, Lea Kambskarð-Bennett Sayago, Aly Gilbert, Dot Tang, Imogen Faux, Austin Rehbein*, Moni Burns, Lucy Oliver, Helen Randall, Tasneem Deo, Carys Lowry-Carter 















OJ Sherlock, Anita Boateng, Ore Oyeleke, Meg Powell-Chandler, Lauren Bensted, Jessica Courtney and Faridah Newman



Helen Murphy, Grace Ang-Lygate, Uxshely Chotai, OJ Sherlock, Anita Boateng, Ore Oyeleke, Meg Powell-Chandler, Lauren Bensted, Jessica Courtney, Natasha Kirk and Faridah Newman



Grace Ang-Lygate, Sophie Tholstrup, Louisa Fisher, Nicola Oliver, Skye Blythe-Whitelocke, Uxshely Chotai, Helen Murphy, Lettice Hoffman, Tessa Brisbane, Julie Kling*, Priyanka Goel*, Liv Stones, Lise Honsinger



Harriet dedman, Seun Abiola, Katrina Ward, Grace Ang-Lygate, Lise Honsiger, Nicola Oliver, Anna Hart, Elin Roberts, Sophie Tholstrup, Katie Bamber, Shahnaz Muneer, Tessa Brisbane, Kirsty Mann, Giulia Tavolato, Stephanie Knox, Lettice Hoffman, Claire Tramm 



Harriet Dedman, Seun Abiola, Shahnaz Muneer, Katie Bamber, Elin Roberts, Lettice Hoffman, Giulia Tavolato, Stephanie Knox, Stephanie Wooler, Ligaya Batten, Amy Hamilton, Alice Whiteley, Gemma Kelly, Alana Rice, Emer Murphy, Christine Varnardo


Emer Murphy, Christine Varnardo, Elin Roberts, Stephanie Wooler, Shireen El-Wahab, Ligaya Batten, Harriet Dedman, Amy Scott, Alanna Rice, Amy Hamilton, Anna Hart, Rebecca Heller, Alice Whiteley, Gemma Kelly



Rebecca Heller, Bethan Jones, Charis Boutieri, Katie Burningham, Nancy Purdy, Rachel Brgham, Rachel Salter, Alice Whiteley, Penelope Brown, Caroline Espey, Gemma Kelly, Lucy Fry, Eleanor Cumbo



Bethan Jones, Charis Bouteri, Claire Linney, Emma Furniss, Katie Burningham, Elizabeth West, Sinead Russell, Nancy Purdy, Janina Maleczek, Rachel Salter, Rachel Brougham, Rebecca Heller, Shireen El-Wahab, Stephanie Wooler, Susan Carnell, Vicky Smith, Lisa Thiel 



Jane Danowski



Michelle Molnar, Rebecca Lewis, Alex Price-Marmion, Katie Targett-Adams, Helen Lawson, Sally Copeland, Patricia Ramaley, Sinead Russell, Emma Furniss, Kristin Meister, Susan Carnell, Lisa Thiel, Laura Donelly, Laura Mace, Nanna Luneborg, Victoria Smith







Helen Bertelli (née Whiteley, Founder), Camilla Bustani, Milon Nagi, Alison Talbot, Kate Bostwick 


* members with stars by their names indicate visiting students

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