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‘Toxic in the Deep’ tells the story of a woman brought to her lowest point. Leaving that abusive relationship is one of the most important things she could ever do - and one of the hardest. The Belles’ #seeyoucrystalclear campaign adopts some of Adele’s most soul-baring lyrics to encourage survivors to tell their own story. At the moment, you can’t escape stories about the Harvard sexual abuse scandals, Kanye tormenting Kim, and especially the fallout of #FreeBritney. Combine those individual cases with the widespread worsening of domestic violence during lockdown, and it’s never been so important for women to speak out against their mistreatment. We’re so proud to support Women’s Aid and Refuge, two phenomenal charities working to eradicate domestic violence. If you’re able, please consider donating to our fundraiser - every penny will go towards providing legal and emotional support for women escaping abuse.

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