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Inspired by the riot grrrl movement from the early 1990s, we wanted to embody the fiery spirit and passion of the era and translate it into our EP. It’s raw, bold, and empowering, framing feminist issues through a punk rock lens. We want to spread the message to young women around the world to break away and fight back against societal expectations. This EP is for every girl who has ever been told she can't — this is our way of shouting back that she can, and she will.

This EP contains four empowering arrangements:

  • 'Fighter' by Christina Aguilera, arr. Courtenay Crow

  • 'Can't Tame The Lush Life', a mashup of 'Can't Tame Her' and 'Lush Life' by Zara Larsson, arr. Hilary Yu

  • 'S.L.U.T.' by Bea Miller, arr. Evie Gilder

  • 'Born To Express Yourself', a Lady Gaga and Madonna remix, arr. Thaejus Ilango


Re-Belle-ion Album Cover

Our EP is now being finalised! More details on the exact release date will be posted soon. Keep your eyes peeled and watch this space...


Please show your support by donating to our JustGiving fundraiser! We want our EP to raise up those making a real change to the lives of women in the UK and beyond.


Let’s all be part of the change we want to see.

Inspiring Girls International logo

We’re so excited to be collaborating with Inspiring Girls International once more, having raised almost £700 with our 2023 music video, I Love Me Better. This charity is truly a game changer for young women preparing to navigate the working world, as it promotes opportunities and pathways in higher education and careers for girls around the globe aged 11 to 16.


Thanks to training, mentoring, school workshops, and gender equality training, Inspiring Girls aims to smash through restrictive gender stereotypes and empower the next generation of women to pursue their own path.

Women at WISH logo

We can’t wait to support the invaluable work done by Women at WISH, a charity providing pioneering mental health support services to vulnerable women in secure hospitals across the UK, as well as community-based counselling in Tower Hamlets. Over the past year, the number of women in free counselling has doubled, and the waiting lists get longer by the week.


WISH is currently facing a situation of unprecedented financial hardship, and is up against some impossible decisions, with a real possibility that their office and refuge for vulnerable women in Bethnal Green will have to close unless £35,000 is raised by the end of this summer.

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